Call for Papers – GEMInIS Journal year 4, n. 1

The GEMInIS Journal has as the main theme of its sixth edition “Postdigital Television“. This issue is dedicated to the study and reflexion of the contemporary television ecosystem, one that is comprised of online communities that share experiences in the social space created by a “second screen”. In this environment, the idea of social television brings forward profound changes in the flux television model with which the public grew used to, yielding new challenges to the production and distribution of television content.

In the age of convergence, the TV set becomes an entertainment center that connects multiple devices in a network, mainly mobile devices. Therefore, the “postdigital” TV screen brings about a broader and more diverse social space, urging the public to share experiences that encompass and transcend the physical confines of the living room, updating them in a virtual space of online communities concerning their preferred TV shows.

The social television that emerges from the convergence between television and internet, brings the TV closer to the social networks, and TV show producers closer to their audiences, who are actively involved with content from all screens. In this context, intelligent television systems (Smart-TVs) and ubiquitous television (TV Everywhere) becomes commonplace, from smartphones to computers to tablets, making transmedia contents available to any device with on demand video distribution systems and similar applications.

This new reality pushes media enterprises, broadcasters and producers to rework their business models to face the multiplicity of screens and the fragmentation of audience, searching for creative solutions that meet the growing demands of a young audience which longs to have a closer relationship with television content producers.

Papers must be submitted until April 22, 2013 by email to the following address: The text can be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Article’s extension must be .DOC or similar Microsoft Word compatible files, and the text size must fit from 7 pages (around 2500 words) to 25 pages (circa 11300 words). The text structure, including it’s abstract, images and tables have to be adapted to the current ABNT publishing rules.

In addition to accepting papers related to the main theme, the journal also will receive academic articles that address other issues related to the communication and audiovisual fields; as well as essays, interviews and reviews of books recently published in Brazil and abroad.

The authors have to attach to the work an “authorization term for publishing”, signed by themselves in the following worlds. “I ___________ (complete name of the author), in the case of my paper being selected by the magazine editorial committee, authorize the publication of my article _____________ (title of the article), written by _______ (names of the authors) in the periodic“. This term must be sent in PDF or JPG formats.

Rules for publication.

About GEMInIS Journal: Exclusively online publication of biannual periodicity, linked to the Group of Studies about Interactive Media in audiovisual. (Grupo de Estudos de Mídias Interativas em Imagem e Som – GEMInIS). The group is supported by the post-graduation program in Image and Sound of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFScar). The publication approach themes like: mediatic and cultural convergence, audiovisual narratives, participatory culture, media franchises, serial audiovisual fiction, transmediatic narratives, market and digital economy, cinematographic and televisive production and also video games.

fevereiro 27, 2013